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This is the UNC of North Carolina color shine a year, has just ushered in the AirJordan11LowUNC stage, and this pair of eyes is AirJordan7 Pantone was not commercially available one of the series, is absolutely makes a beautiful boutique style! The name of the official AirJordan7Retro "UniversityBlue", the overseas will be on sale in April 29th, while the area of Chinese delayed, May 2nd officially added, the price is $1399RMB, has now landed the Nike China official website,. number: 304775-400 release date: May 2nd price: $1399Nike AirJordan Pantone fightAccording to the @zsneakerheadz broke the news, real spy photos cheap jordan shoes for men we can see the AirJordan11 "MidnightNavy". The overall use of white, blue and blue as the main colors of North carolina. The material used on the white surface Navy Blue collocation leather, as well as the sole crystal materials on the bottom, with AJ11's consistent style. The shoes will be available at the end of the black Friday and another pair of AJ11 at the same time. shoe information: AirJordan11 "MidnightNavy" color: White/MidnightNavy-UniversityBlue number: 378037-123 release date: November242017 price: $220& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] "June" Children's Day on the eve of th cheap jordans online e Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau announced the "2015 circulation of children's products random testing situation", although the harm does not appear in personal the security situation, but there are various performance indicators of failure problem, for example, 63 children's clothing colored fastness, fiber content aspects; 16 models of child shoes failed in identification, performance and other aspects of folding. It is understood that this sampling of more than half of the samples from the network marketing platform. against substandard children's products, the Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau has orde Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping red operators to stop selling substandard goods substandard goods, and all filing and the implementation of administrative penalties. Kids color fastness problems highlighted City of Industry Bureau Director Wu Hengyou merchandise presentation, children test items includes a plurality of indicators identification, fiber content, color fastness, PH value, formaldehyde and smell. detected, there are 63 kinds of children's clothing failed, the main failure problem color fastness, fiber content and identity does not meet the standards, including Tex, Shanshan children's clothing, Disney, Mickey, David Bella and other well-known Retro jordans for sale children's clothing brand . Testing Center of China Textile Industry Association Marketing Manager Geng Yi, who introduced the children to detect the most common problem is the color fastness, color fastness fade easily lead to bad, but certain dyes may also lead to skin allergies Children . Children are not allowed to wear shoes yards The children's footwear testing items include identification, sensory (appearance) quality, outsole wear resistance, hardness outsole, lining and pad rubbing fastness, odor, heavy metals and other projects. According to testing personnel, nominal "Yangzhou Eukanuba Children's Products Co., L cheap foamposites td.", "adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd." and many other enterprises in 16 kinds of substandard goods, the main problem for the failure to identify, sensory quality, Folding Project performance. According to reports, the sensory quality mainly refers to the appearance of children's shoes and shoe size is accurate and so on. At the same time, children's toys, children's toothbrushes, baby diapers overall quality is better, each just a group of unqualified, were negative in western Sichuan Crystal Baby toothbrush - arch-fine (1.5 years) Brushed failed, Tinker Toy car small parts failure, love profit maternal and infant dual-use towe Retro jordans for sale ls Product Name tagging errors. In addition, school supplies better quality, sampling was not found unqualified. reminder net purchase of substandard goods may also play 12315 Due to the sampling of the sample, more than half from the network marketing platform, Trade and Industry Bureau to remind consumers to buy substandard products if by way of online shopping, you can ask to return, operators should meet the requirements. If the operator deliberately delayed or rejected, consumers can call 12315 complaints, penalties City of Industry Bureau "penalties against the interests of consumers act" in accordance with the relev Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Director of Product at City of Industry Wuheng You said that Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision of children's wear market, as well as law enforcement and punishment. And the joint industry associations, testing organizations and other enterprises on a regular basis and circulation of children's products sampling, and substandard production and business units of information products for publicity. For non-manufacturing enterprises in Beijing substandard products, substandard products cheap jordans for sale will be its information sent to its location quality supervision department in time, and guide consumers to credit related offenses registered in the network of enterprises, credit information in the form of supervision. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China Shoes Network) & nbsp; & nbsp;0.jpg (103.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-27 upload at 15:40 Each 1_201005121352521KP99.jpg (50.62 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 14:05 upload 1_201005121352525bwaB.jpg (47.4 KB, download Cheap air jordans for sale number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 14:05 upload 1_201005121352529RYCR.jpg (46.26 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 14:05 upload 1_201005121352522445v.jpg (16.14 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 14:05 upload 1_201005121352523F4UX.jpg (17.86 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 14:05 upload 1_201005121352524lvd0.jpg (27.51 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 14:05 upload 1_201005121352526kd3f.jpg (15.89 KB, download nu cheap jordans for sale mens mber: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-12 upload 14:05 1_201005121352527dLEa.jpg (17.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-1〉I hesitated a little before opening this note. Because I do not know how much detail we know about these details, I once thought I had found the identification tips (ha ha ha), but later I found out that I was just my little white. Finally decided to open this post or because in the bottom bar around, see some fans into the shoes almost by the Sellers with women's figure posing as men's shoes for flicker. So, whether you're all familiar with it or share it out. No science, just hope that when we are not looking into the shoes that picture done. in WeChat this kind of software is now marketing is a relatively common phenomenon, buyers would have to ask the seller to do Souto identification, sale of nature is to do. I see that the card is issued, the seller 4 men's shoes standard grey green, but the shoes sideways. For those who have been in the pit for a long time, they are naturally clear, but they may not be so obvious to those who have just entered the pit. So I want to give you the contrast is the difference between AJ and the 4 men's shoes small (see below) the male, the female models. Can clearly see that there is no circle around the molding men Jumpman, and female models that GS code is obviously a circle. Come in two sets of contrasts. There is a difference between the the female, the male models. The prominence on the side is obvious. Come in two sets of contrasts In accordance with the standard for If you want long text, there may be some long, very stuffy, but for three consecutive years in the Sneaker Battle Sneakerheads on behalf of the Hongkong people, many wild writing became behoove. three years, I heard not less sarcastic remarks, but I can only say that three years are buried so many " if " with " " then, I should have the morning in the Liuhe color, live western style fan dog. Before began 3 plastic bags, a small Li first review... although I lost it, but the big brother " B " an instant fame, success is a battle of Hongkong Jiangshan, successful Li " Back-to-Back", my glorious defeat, because the team Zong zhuang! this year preliminaries in famous global "'s " degree; sneaker street; hold the flavor. I also play offbeat innovation, adding different elements ", is divided into three categories to fight, respectively: Collector, Creator, PlayerI participated in the