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Recently, the Beijing Customs seized more postal channels continuous violations of intellectual property cases, and seized imitation Nike sports shoes 970 pairs, at current market prices about 600,000 yuan, according to analysis it is likely to be by way of Internet mail order infringing activities. Customs investigation by Beijing, most of these counterfeit Nike shoes on the market extremely popular "Jordan" series, is sent to the United States, Japan, Britain and other places from the same sender, the sender does not provide the use of the mark NIKE legal proof. Such a modus operandi is likely to use the Internet mail-order platform, avoid checking each hurdle, and buyers and sellers Retro jordans for sale in online transactions can be carried concealed.Christmas 2009 just over the past two days, NBA war xiewang for everyone Air Max Lebron VII exclusive exposure of the new series, contains a total of three pairs are used cold gray shoes design, according to the matching decorative color can be divided into red, orange and blue. Now with the blue version of a pair of shoes in a well-known online shopping mall eBay model, we can see the information and pictures more complete, more detailed, more beautiful, the first time to share with you, in addition to record the shoe production process specifications and other confidential information is also synchronized to run the draft. The following Cheap air jordans for sale is our first worldwide public visual feast, wonderful not to miss, to understand the release of information and other more follow-up reports, please continue to lock NBA king of war shoes. Source: Battle shoes Wang 2010 latest NIKE war Lebron 2010 shoes fit Pippen's new LeBron VII shoes comments on A: 2010 new NIKE fit shoes next Pippen War: Lebron 2010 new LeBron VII shoes of course, NBA all star is coming, so Nike is inspired by the sports and culture of the city of New York, and officially launched the 2015 all star series of shoes for Nike Sportswear. In 1, including the new Air Force remodeling after Dunk, a new member of the Sky family of Hi and a Air Foamp Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping osite One, of course, these shoes even stepped out of court, will let you become the Big Apple Street fashion. However, in order to pay tribute to the all star event, each pair of shoes with some of the details of the five-star, four-star and five-star circle magnitude design, such as symbol of the five boroughs of New York, four representative basketball competition of the four quarter, to pay homage to Madison Square Garden star circle. 1 2 3 ; 4 the next page on the next page, the album design to join the shoes? Nike SB Dunk High DeLaSoul release information next page review Nike SB Dunk SB team has devoted efforts, they have launched a variety of both s cheap jordan shoes for men imple and fashionable products, make this the most popular popular shoes always fame does not fall, won the shoes fans, this time he helped carry a deluxe version of a strong debut, once again become the focus of attention of millions of people. This pair of shoes is dark chocolate brown with grey uppers, insole, outsole, yellow / brown spots (shoelace appearance and shoe laces were somewhat similar), and black / white tongue tag. All in all, the shoes are simple in design and simple in colour, and they are definitely a rare and excellent work these days. This shoes will be on sale in November 2009, so please wait. Source: Battle shoes Wang strong shoe forecast! Nike SB Dunk6 Ni cheap jordans for sale mens ke dark chocolate SB new prerelease forecast comments on : "strong shoe forecast."! Dark chocolate Nike SB Dunk a Nike SB new prerelease forecast June ? ? Nike is popular this season; mixed shoes Roshe LD-1000 to bring a new "Black/Veg" color Tan. The classic shoe body using wool material to create atmosphere and meet, and the introduction of recently seen in Nike shoes series "Vachetta Tan" elements, presenting Swoosh with the heel to the primary color in black leather, and the shoe body contrast at the same time, also create advanced texture, then the color of white light Phylon in the bottom ending. The pricing of $$100. ?? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- - Retro jordans for sale - -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - -What are you wearing today? Sole one week on foot shoes Featured 2013-12-08 23:09:34 Today, as we bring on the site last week, the famous shoes Sole Collector "What Did You Wear Today?" Section of the image selection, Follow us together look at last week's Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Sneaker enthusiasts overseas wear what good shoes? Nike Air Tech Challenge II new color physical exposure 2014-05-06 22:42:13 recent high popularity of the classic tennis shoe Nike Air Tech Challenge II color frequently, this is Air Yeezy 2 draws outsole design shoes this time also sought after by the tide. This time, and a new color of Nike Air Tech Challenge II appeared on the network, several color different from the previous sale, the version before a change of this leather shoe body design, using more texture gray suede shoes body build, supplemented by a bright r cheap foamposites ed-orange outsole, very eye-catching. adidas Originals Jabbar Hi "The Blueprint" do not note version debut 2014-02-24 21:04:26 recently & nbsp; adidas Originals order to NBA legend, has a "sky hook," said the & nbsp; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar pay tribute, launched this & nbsp; Jabbar Hi "The Blueprint" do not note version. Shoes from the artistic duo Morning Breath design is completed, Morning Breath selected adidas Originals iconic blue tone, with leather shoes with suede fabric to create, and to create a mottled texture retro feel. Additionally, Morning Breath still loaded on the insole ingenuity Ross, Lillard, Wall et al.'s Name, as an expression of the great moral heritage. It is cheap jordans for sale reported that this shoe is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 14 All-Star Game about the sale. Reebok Pump Fury HLS new color debut 2013-12-08 22:53:10 Reebok Pump Fury HLS is its trump card shoes Reebok Pump Fury improved style, compared to their predecessors, this Reebok Pump Fury HLS main light quantizing comfort. The Reebok has released a new color of the Pump Fury HLS, dark gray shoes used as the basis, with gray-blue tear canvas and synthetic leather, blue lake water in the bottom of promising shoe He played a finishing touch. since Tony & middot; Parker signed a contract with peak since, "lightning" boots on his feet wearing gradually become the basketball fans and sneakers cheap jordans online attention focus. PEAK has launched a common "lightning" and "lightning" players in two different versions of boots. In the case of shoes to maintain consistent, "lightning" players in the general section on the basis of what to do to upgrade it? the difference between PEAK TP9 and ordinary lightning 1: shoe culturefor a pair of basketball shoes, what it means to load a shoebox? Different people have different views. Some people think that the box is not a simple carrier for shoes? Some people will think shoe box belonging to the same part of the basketball shoes. They are, after all, "coke from Meng, Meng Jiao". in this era of "cultural products + = high additional value" spirit prevails, shoebox in some extent become basketball shoes "use value" of a cultural expressions. A classic shoe box can be used to contain a pair of very ordinary basketball shoes, but a pair of classic basketball shoes need a classic shoebox to do additional "cultural support. and this in the "lightning" and the general section of the players on the show is very obvious. "lightning" general models are using PEAK basketball shoes basic shoe, belongs to the "sameness" type. But "lightning" player a shoebox undoubtedly reflects the cultural characteristics of more. For example, Toni · every corner of LOGO characters, Parke's signature, these elements in a shoebox. bid farewell to the former ordinary, player a shoebox to maximize show spokesperson style characteristics, appears in front of people. Although players shoebox, did not get rid of the pick for a long time shoebox color partial white, black and white features, but the characteristics of maximum and Parker coincide: played for in black and gray tones of the Spurs, sportsmanship simple sedate, disposition is low-key... the difference between PEAK TP9 and ordinary lightning different point 2: Parke signature under normal circumstances, the design of a pair of basketball shoes on the endorsement of the player's signature often means a lot of things. Give a few simple examples: shoes design with the player's signature prove at least that the player's popularity is not low, otherwise signature design there is no much significance; shoes design on the player's signature can also illustrate the importance of players for a brand. "lightning" general models due to the beginning of the design is to "team shoes" as a starting point, provides Dorrell & middot; Wright, Jason & middot; Richardson, Olympic contract players wearing, it is impossible to separate design signature (but also on personality Star special "care", a topic will be about). While Parker because in fitting the "lightning", heaped praise on the appearance and performance, so the peak will "lightning" provide for Parker as game shoes 〉